Virtual Currency

How to start mining Virtual Currency

  1. Choosing the right coin as per your Graphics Card. It can be simply found on Nicehash that how much money you can earn from your graphics card also which algorithm is most suitable for mining.
  2. Once the algorithm is finalized all you need is a pool that will provide work to your Graphics card. It will take the hash power of your graphics card in exchange for a coin.
  3. It’s the most important yet neglected part to choose a miner which will install on your computer and do the hardest job to provide work shares to pool. e.g: – Ethermine
  4. Now we are finally in a place where soon we will get our coin in exchange for work which our Graphics card has done. We require a place where we can store our coins( a wallet). Coins can be store in 2 easiest ways (1) Wallet (2) Exchange
  5. There is one more area which we will not touch but only provide a glimpse of it. Overclocking, It can be done to enhance the hash rate if wrongly done also can destroy your Graphics Card.


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